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Thomas Heilmann



Bundestag (CDU/CSU)

A German Bundestag member (CDU/CSU) since 2017, Thomas Heilmann is also an attorney and authored the recently-published political bestseller NEUSTAAT, in which he, together with other members of parliament and experts, presents 103 proposals for the fundamental modernization of the state.


Heilmann became known as a co-founder, start-up financier and small shareholder of various start-ups - including mytoys, Xing, Pixelpark, and Facebook. In 1999, he became internet spokesperson of Angela Merkel and the CDU. In 2012, he was appointed Senator for Justice and Consumer Protection for the City of Berlin, holding this office until 2016. He is a member of the Digital Agenda Committee and of the board of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group. Heilmann heads the parliamentary working group for the future of the CDU/CSU.